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And here in Hong Kong, it has to be dim sum. Literally meaning touch your heart, these bite sizes of happiness come in various forms.Here are the best places to get dim sum in Hong Kong. Advanced. Image Source: "Best dim sum in Hong Kong".Hong Kong: Day Trips from Hong Kong? My boyfriend and I are moving to Hong Kong next year for six months. This restaurant serves good chicken feet, tasty fried rice and fine rice soups. The chef at Hong Kong Dim Sum is said to cook decent mango pudding and superb cakes. The high ratings of this place would be impossible without the friendly staff. The most authentic dim sum in Hong Kong can be found at the Lin Heung Tea House on Wellington Street in the Central District. It offers some of the best pork buns and dumplings in Hong Kong in a setting you wont find anywhere else in the world. From humble beginnings as a simple tea treat for travellers on the Silk Road, dim sum has grown into a full-blown Cantonese culinary custom and nowhere does it betterHong Kong with Kids. Longtime HK resident, mama and LUXE editor-at-large Jane shares the best places to go with sprogs in tow. Bars. Best of Hong Kong.Club Albergue 1601 Offers an Eclectic Mix of Seafood, Pasta, Pizza and More. Happy Hour in Hong Kong: Sassys Favourite Deals Around Town. That said, do try the dim sum because its really good. Ps. If I was on death row in Hong Kong, call Mama Kween.Hong Kong food bloggers I recommend: That Food Cray, Hungry HK, Sassy Hong Kong and a Singaporean blogger, Daniel Food Diary. Theres no place that does dim sum like Hong Kong. Whether youre looking to fill up at brunch, lunch or dinner, dim sum provides a number of options to satisfy any craving there can be as many as 150 items on a restaurant menu. Kow Loon Hong Kong Dim Sum.

Sassy Mama Tip: For most dim sum restaurants its best to call 3 days in advance to book a table (especially on weekends!) and let them know how many highchairs youre going to need. Well Dim Sum refers to small bite-sized food traditionally served in small steamer baskets or on small plates, famous in Guangdong Province of China, and of course Hong Kong.

Dim Sum is the essential dining experience in Hong Kong and we absolutely loving every moment of it! Cantonese food is deservedly famous throughout the world, but if you ask most people what food they most associate with Hong Kong, they will tell you Hong Kong Dim Sum. But in a city full of Chinese restaurants, how do you know where to go to try the best dim sum in Hong Kong? Tim Ho Wan, in Mong Kok, has the best dim sum in Hong Kong!Audrey July 14, 2013 at 4:18 pm . This looks amazing! Im heading to Hong Kong at the end of summer and I cannot wait to eat dim sum! From humble siu mai, to fluffly cha siu bao and soupy xiaolongbao, we pick out the best dim sum restaurants in Hong Kong.Dine on some of the best traditional-style dim sum in town at this Hong Kong institution. One Dim Sum, Shop 1 2, G/F, Kenwood Mansion, 15 Playing Field Road, Prince Edward, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Dim Sum Library Best For a Modern Take on Classics.Sassy Hong Kong is the go-to guide for girls in the city that truly never sleeps. These days, dim sum itself is a main player on the culinary stage. The diversity and sheer number of Hong Kong dim sum restaurants is stunning.The prices are a bargain, with dim sum dishes ranging from HK12 to 17 (1.5-2). Best for dim sum virgins: Yan Toh Heen. Sassy Mama - Hong Kong. and others. Topic LocationBut in a city full of Chinese restaurants, how do you know where to go to try the best dim sum in Hong Kong? Make sure you tick off every one of these must-try dim sum restaurants in Hong Kong.The restaurant is best known for its Peking duck and fresh dim sum offerings such as the steamed scallop with black truffles and vegetables dumplings, crispy lobster dumpling served with Supreme Broth Best Value Hotels in Hong Kong. Budget.Dim Sum in North Point. Fortress Hill Restaurants. Jordan / Yau Ma Tei Restaurants. As i consulted the many Best Dim Sum lists, i realized that while many hole-in-the-wall places sound fantastic, they arent the most convenient for tourists who are hard-pressed for time. So here is my list of easily accessible and tasty Best Dim Sum for Tourists on a short Hong Kong trip. The main reason why I love traveling to Hong Kong is for food. And a large part of eating in Hong Kong is Hong Kong dim sum. Tuesday, September 6, 2011. The Best Dim Sum in Hong Kong. Photo: Flickr/Chika Watanabe. Tim Ho Wan Dim Sum Restaurant was started by a chef who used to work at Four Seasons. It offers Four Seasons-quality dim sum at one tenth the price. Weve rounded up our go-to dim sum restaurants (and what you need to order) in Hong Kong to keep you busy for the next few weekends at the very least. Lung King Heen . Best Value Hotels in Hong Kong.Yummy and affordable dim sum! Truly 1 07/08/2017. DimDimSum Dim Sum Specialty Store (Mong Kok). 646 reviews. 2 of 14 Results. Today we go hunting for one of the highest rated dim sum restaurants - Dim Dim Sum. If you enjoy this video, please give it a thumbs up. Subscribe for more These conditions make for a superb dim sum culinary adventure in the heart of Hong Kong! Tip: Amidst the confusion and loudness, its not too important to know the names of the dishes you want to order, simply use the look and point method for best results. Best Dim Sum in Snohomish County, Washington Moved to 13200 Aurora Ave N F Seattle WA 98133 ( HK DIM SUM) (Asian food center) - From I-5 north exit 175 and turn right! Hong Kong Dim Sum — Serving Dim Sum EVERYDAY Starting at 2.75. Dim sum restaurants span across the entire Hong Kong. Here are some recommendations for you to enjoy a quintessential Hong Kong experience!22-04-2014 by Tod TGA | More: Gay Hong Kong. Write a review about The Best Dim Sum In Hong Kong Cancel reply. HK MACAU.Sample the best of all the dim sums in Hong Kong and let the friendly local guide teach you the best ways to enjoy them. You can even pick up some local Cantonese slang while you interact with your new found foodie friends! Hong Kong Dim Sum. View map.Yan Toh Heen (InterContinental Hong Kong). Provided by: Hong Kong Tourism Board. As featured in Michelin HK: The Best of the Best. Best dimsum ever tried! Yin: Scrumptious HK dim sum! Oven baked bbq pork bun is always the star! Fresh veggie egg dessert are good too.Catarina Pereira: Awesome dim sum! Excellent prices! LukaSH: The best dim sums in Hong Kong! Dont miss! I am sure everyone has their answers on the best dim sum in Hong Kong, and a lot of people will probably agree on a few places. Ive eaten at hole in the wall dim sum, and fancy Michelin Star dim s (more)Loading Dim sum is known around the world as being filling, cheap and fast. So well-loved is dim sum that you might not be surprised to learn it translates literally to "piece [of the] heart" in English! Hong Kong, the birthplace of dim sum, has dim sum places aplenty to check out Hong Kong is the home of Dim Sum and the Dim Sum restaurants here are the best in the world. Whether its your first time, or youre an expert with the Har Gau, Dim Sum is a Hong Kong experience that shouldnt be missed. The title of best Dim Sum restaurant in Hong Kong is hotly contested Hong Kong Restaurants. Dim Sum in Tsim Sha Tsui.Excellent Dim Sum 09/05/2017. Yan Toh Heen (InterContinental Hong Kong). Provided by: Hong Kong Tourism Board. As featured in Michelin HK: The Best of the Best. Originating in southern China, dim sum is a daily Cantonese tradition of sharing bite-size morsels at breakfast and lunch with tea (yum cha). Heres where to find the best dim sum in Hong Kong. Lin Heung Lau. [] Kong] When asked for the best dim sum restaurant in Hong Kong, to clarify the atas high end category, most would drop the name of Lung King Heen . After [] Sassy Hong Kong, Hong Kong. 46k likes. The go-to guide for whats hot and happening in Hong Kong!The Best Dim Sum in Hong Kong: Where to Go For Every Occasion. Check out our Hong Kong tours and Chinese Food Tours, or feel free to contact us to tailor-make a Hong Kong tour for Dim Sum and Yum Cha experiences.The Best 20 Hong Kong Restaurants — Something for Everyone. From traditional dim sum teahouses, to the cheapest Michelin Starred dim sum restaurants, here is our guide to Hong Kongs best dim sum restaurants.Dim Sum is a ritual in Hong Kong. It is a lifestyle, it is a past-time, it is quintessentially Hong Kong. Many cultures have something similar like the Dim Sum Library, Shop 124, Level 1, The Mall, Pacific Place, Admiralty, Hong Kong, Guide to The Best Butchers in Hong Kong. Eat. Posted 1 week ago | By Sassy Mama. Best Value Hotels in Hong Kong.Yummy and affordable dim sum! Truly 1 07/08/2017. DimDimSum Dim Sum Specialty Store (Mong Kok). 648 reviews. 2 of 14 Results. One Dim Sum Best for No Frills. One of our favourite local dim sum spots is One Dim Sum in Prince Edward.Dim Sum Square, G/F, 88 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, 2851 8088. Author : Sassy Girl. This palace serves some of the best Dim sum in the city (perhaps the world!) and is one of the main destinations on our Deluxe Hong Kong Guided Tour, and Lunch. A Tradition Rooted in Tea. Sassy is your guide to all thats hot in Hong Kong - the inside scoop on eating, drinking, style beauty! We organise some pretty rocking events too!Never miss a Moment. Catch up instantly on the best stories happening as they unfold. Ill be going to Hong Kong for the first time in the fall, and am hoping someone might point me in the direction of one of the better (best?) dim sum restaurants in the city. Im particularly interested in knowing if there is a restaurant that offers an extremely wide selection of dishes Dim sum means touch your heart and it is impossible to go Hong Kong without trying out one of their celebrated dim sum items, from steamed, bakedHere is our guide to Hong Kongs Best Dim Sum Restaurants You Must Dine At. Image: Whether you prefer colonial interiors, old-school trolleys, rattling china or quiet formality, theres a Hong Kong dim sum venue to suit everyone. But the best of them are surely the ones the locals frequent. Home » Causeway Bay » Central » Hong Kong » Kowloon » Lists » 5 x the best dim sum in Hong Kong for food lovers.dit zijn onze favoriete adressen voor dim sum in hong kong. Check out our family picks for the Best Dim Sum in Hong Kong.How can you go to Hong Kong and not eat Dim Sum? Dim Sum is the traditional food for weary travellers on the Silk road, and it has developed into one of the favourite foods of the Chinese people. Dim Sum Square.

Ahh some of us are partial to a good ol fashion har gao (steamed shrimp dumpling) at Sassy HQ, we are in Hong Kong, after all! Dim Sum Square is great value for money, and youll definitely leaving feeling satisfied.

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