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Upgrading Audiocodes SBA to Lync 2013 The Mediant800 used for this article was originally built for a Lync 2010 SBA and thus has to be upgraded to Lync 2013 for this deployment.PSTN Gateway Configuration Important note: This section does not contain all the necessary steps to configure the Network Interfaces Path: configure terminal > system > network-interface. network-interface name description ip-address netmask gateway gw-heartbeat state dns-ip-primary dns-domain hip-ip-list.Lync 2013 Control panel with Associated PSTN gateway. 3. Configuring Lync Server 2013. Notes: When defining a PSTN gateway in Topology Builder, you must define a root trunk to successfully add the PSTN gateway to your topology. This post provides 5 useful tips I found while recently configuring Lync inbound and outbound PSTN calling through an AudioCodes voice gatewayRecent Posts. InsideOCS Officially Transitions to InsideLync. Microsoft Lync 2013, Exchange 2013, Office 2013 and SharePoint 2013 RTM. Figure 9: Open Microsoft Lync 2013 Topology Builder. Find the folder PSTN Gateway under Lync Server directory Shared Components.Figure 11: Create New IP/PSTN Gateway. The setup wizard for the IP/PSTN Gateway will guide you to configure it step by step. This administrators guide describes the Customer Interaction Center integration with Microsofts Lync Server 2013 and Skype for Business Server 2015.

Each IC server is a gateway. Configure the IC servers as IP/PSTN gateways before you configure the Lync mediation server. Go to Shared Components under Lync 2013. Right click on PSTN gateways and create new IP/ PSTN Gateway.Once you have finished configuring the PSTN gateway settings publish the topology. Click Finish. Lync recognizes CUCM as a PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) gateway connected by SIP.Figure 2. Publish Lync Topology. 2013 ATT Intellectual Property.Configure Lync User for Use of CUCILync. StandAlone Installation. The following details the steps required for manual In order to integrate Microsoft Lync 2013 with the SAFEgateway you must configure both the Microsoft Lync server and the SAFEgateway.Leave the Associated Mediation Server port field as its default setting of 5068.

Click Finish to complete the setup of the PSTN gateway. PSTN gateway deployment options in Lync Server 2013.Gateway location may also determine the types of gateways that you choose and how they are configured. There are dozens of PSTN protocols, none of which is a worldwide standard. It is possible to also configure a SIP trunk with a Lync 2013 Mediation server collocated with the front-end, but this is not recommended forYour first step in the Lync configuration side will be to define a Lync SIP trunk and associated PSTN Gateway that will be used to route the call to the SIP trunk. As announced at the Lync Conference 2013 a new feature, Location Based Routing, will beThis feature will allow administrators to configure enterprise voice routing rules that will control routingLocation Based Routing forces outbound calls to be routed to a specific PSTN gateway that the user I have been trying for several weeks to connnect our newly deployed Lync Server 2013 to our Toshiba IP-PBX sytem for making calls in collaboration with analog users.How can we configure the phone on the Audiocodes gw to test the communication? Can we do that without the Lync PSTN gateway? Fortunately, LYNC Server 2013 also provides PSTN connectivity through a third-party IP PBX/ gateway.Step 3. Configure dialing rule to call LYNC extensions. XXXXX will match exactly 5-digit numbers, or if you wish to use a prefix to call you can define the rule as follows This application note describes how to configure a Lync 2014 with a Cisco Unified Border Element (CUBE) for connectivityNetwork Topology The network topology includes the Microsoft Lync 2013 Enterprise Edition and 2 Lync clients. Cisco UBE published as a PSTN gateway in the Lync topology. Создаем новый объект PSTN Gateway (имя и адрес можно указать либо отдельного сервера, либо Mediation в случае совместной установки).Шлюз настроен! Шаблон конфигурации для FreeSWITCH: freeswitch.conf.lync- 2013, freeswitch, ip-телефония, pstn. Most configuration refer to configuring Lync to use CUCM for PSTN connectivity not viceversa.My question is now is there a way to just move the PSTN gateway and trunk that shows in the shared components of the Lync 2010 site to the Lync 2013 site? 3. Configuring Lync Server 2013. 7. Define a root trunk for the PSTN gateway.Note: The value entered in this field must be identical to the gateway name configured in the Topology Builder for Lync Server 2013 (see Section 3.1 on page 13. Microsoft Lync Server 2013 Enhanced Gateway Mediant Gateway family. Configuration Note.6. Add a rule to route any other number from Lync Server to Gateways IP Group ( PSTN): a. Click Add. b. Configure the parameters as follows We have a fully featured deployment of Lync 2013 used company wide 2000 users. We created a SIP trunk between CUCM Lync mediation server, we defined New IP/PSTN Gateway in topology and published it, configured SIP trunk, profiles, etc in CUCM. Таблица 1. Список поддерживаемых медиа-шлюзов. Виртуальная машина под Lync Server 2013 Standard Front EndДля этого в топологию Lync нужно добавить объект PSTN Gateway и переопубликовать топологию. Configure the Lync topology to use SIP over TCP to the PSTN Gateway.Microsoft Lync Server 2013 Define your dial-plan Define trunks to PSTN Define call routing to PSTN Define voice policy Enable/disable call transfer (REFER) Enable/disable media-bypass (RTP traffic flowing between UAs Microsoft Lync Server 2013 16 Document : LTRT-40134 Enhanced Gateway The steps for configuring the Enhanced Gateway are summarized in the flowchart below: Figure 4-1: Summary of Steps for Configuring Enhanced Gateway for PSTN-Only. To define it, we right-clicked PSTN Gateway in Topology Builder and selected New IP/ PSTN GatewaySince Monitoring Archiving Servers are add-ons to Front End in Lync 2013, all we needed to do was create a new SQL database for them, and configure the servers in Topology Builder. Если PSTN Usage несколько то при маршрутизации звонка используется pstn usage по порядку сверху вниз(если маршрут недоступен то используется следующий).Lync 2013. Интеграция с телефонией через шлюз согласно схеме4. В дереве навигации выберите Lync Server 2013 > Site name (например AudioCodes) > Shared Components > PSTN Gateways.57 Инструкция по настройке A Настройка сервера Lync Выберите значение Use all configured IP addresses в группе Enable IPv4, далее нажмите Next Reason for Change Initial Draft for Lync 2013. Date 10/16/2013. Created/Updated by Srikanth Jonnada.Figure : Configure PSTN Gateway -1. Smart Choice Communications, LLC. Page 12 of 28. Lync 2013 Configuration Guide For SIP Trunk Testing For XO Communications April 7th 2014. tekVizion PVS, Inc. Confidential.Configuring the E-SBC device as an IP/PSTN Gateway. In the topology builder, right click on Lync Server 2013 (Preview). Select New Central Site. Type the site name and description and click Next.Now, we will configure a PSTN Gateway for the Redmond pool that will resolve to a PSTN emulator on the domain controller, and then configure its listening February 2014 Document : LTRT-40134 Configuration Note AudioCodes Enhanced Gateway for Microsoft44 4.10 Step 10: Configuring Normalization Rules for E.164 Format for PBX/ PSTN53 Microsoft Lync Server 2013 4 Document : LTRT-40134 Enhanced Gateway List of Figures Figure Все сервисы кроме Edge публикуются через Reverse Proxy (для Edge настроен NAT/PAT на интернет- шлюзе).Hyper-V IE IMAP inf ip pbx License Lync Lync2013 Lync 2013 AD Lync2013 DNS microsoft sql server NAT netbios ntdsutil NTLM NTP NtpFlag PDC PES PSTN Gateway This issue was discovered during an SBA upgrade from Lync Server 2010 to Lync Server 2013. While the issue does have a few random musings out on theThe SBA is configured as the first entry in the ProxySet within the Audiocodes gateway all incoming calls from the PSTN should go there first. To configure the route on Lync Server do, 08 feb 2018 05:23:00 GMT Lync 2013 Configuration Guide For SIP Trunk Testing -XO v1 3 - Lync Server 2013 using SIP trunk to Cisco Unified release 10.0 to interoperate with the Lync Server 2013 using MGCP Gateway for PSTN connectivity do Lync Server 2013 supports multiple trunks between Mediation Servers and PSTN gateways.They also give you the ability to configure redundancy into the media paths when connecting to PSTN gateways. Mediation Server SIP PSTN communication is set to: - TCP Port 5068 and TLS Port 5067. We need the SIP PSTN Gateway to be configured: - For Signaling to QSC SBC with TCP Port 5060.Especially will Lync 2013, where we can make us of M:N relationships, we can also load balance both gateway The SBC 1000 is used to route and facilitate calls between the PSTN and the Lync 2013 system. The SBC 1000 under test has 2 Ethernet ports configured.The Gateway device will be the interface to the Verizon SIP Trunk. 1. Open Lync Server Topology builder and load the current topology. Lync Server 2013 > select an Enterprise Edition Central Site > Shared Components > PSTN gateways. Lync Server 2013 > select a Branch Sites > Mediation pools. A Mediation pools has to be configured for the Standalone Mediation Server Если оба профайла и gateway (к PSTN) успешно запустились и подключились, можно закрывать консоль командой «» (три точки)Шлюз настроен! Шаблон конфигурации для FreeSWITCH: freeswitch.conf.lync-Поделиться. Рекомендованный контент. Lync SDK 2013. Lync Topology Setup. PSTN Gateway Setup. Mediation Pool Setup. Mediation Server Netstat.The External Interface has a gateway of and as standard the internal interface has no gateway, so we had to setup a route for this The PSTN Gateway forwards all telephone calls (PBX/PSTN and analog devices) to the Mediation Server using this configured address.You may need to configure the PSTN Gateways early media feature to support Lync 2013 enhanced early media feature. Подробное описание Trunk Configuration для pstn шлюза.Дано Lync 2013 Standart Server, число абонентов 70, абоненты разбиты на три подсети, которые изолированы друг от друга, как средствами Линк Сервера сделать возможным общение между абонентами двух Document : LTRT-40830. Configuration Note. 3. Configuring Lync Server 2013.3. Configuring Lync Server 2013.

Notes: When defining a PSTN gateway in Topology Builder, you must define a root trunk to successfully add the PSTN gateway to your topology. To configure the E-SBC device as an IP/PSTN Gateway and associate it with the Mediation Server: On the server where the Topology Builder is located, start the Lync Server 2013 Topology Builder (Start > All Programs > Lync Server Topology Builder). PSTN gateway and analog device connectivity with HP MSR Series and Microsoft Lync. Technical Configuration Guide. Version: 19 August 2013. Listening port of IP/PSTN gateways: 5060 SIP Transport Protocol: TCP. Figure 5.Figure 43 Test result: Passed. The configuration on Lync Server 2013 is completed. 32/41. How to extend Lync 2013 to MyPBX. Sure, if a Lync client is configured to provide MOH and works, it will work just with calls through a PSTN gateway as well.Chapter 11 How to Configure Lync Server 2013 Live Messenger PIC to Enable Skype Federation. Original Blog Article Click Here. Route Configuration. Our final step towards a working Lync Server 2010 voice implementation is to configure routing.Reply. Praakassh Ghaitadke says: 2013-03-14 at 15:09. Hey Hi, Is that possible to add 2 PSTN Gateways on same port 5060? In order to have Lync and phone systems integrated, the Mediation Server role must be installed and configured. Listed below are the new and existing server roles of Lync Server 2013In such a solution that touches Lync, voice gateways/session border controllers, and PSTN or PBX systems, it Lync 2013 PSTN Gateways [closed]. up vote 1 down vote favorite.Enterprise voice with Office 365 plans and Lync 2013. 0. Configure SIP Trunk from Lync 2013 to Cisco Call Manager v6. 0. How do I get Lync Server Web Conferencing to work? olegbaturin 13 декабря 2013 в 11:20. PSTN-шлюз для Lync Server на базе FreeSWITCH.Создаем новый объект PSTN Gateway (имя и адрес можно указать либо отдельного сервера, либо Mediation в случае совместной установки).

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