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Custom x264 Encoder Settings: Default (blank).This about sums it up for the broadcaster technical settings, time to have a break, get a cup of coffee and well have another post up soon with the source and scenes side of OBS (the fun stuff). Custom x264 Encoder Settings: For YouTube upload I use: profilebaseline presetultrafast qp16 This gives me 10-30 Mbps in low action video and up to 160 Mbps in action games at 1080p60.OBS Setting: Encoder: x264 CPU Preset: Veryfast Bitrate: 5000 Downscale filter: Lanczos PC Specs: MSI OBS Studio (64bit, windows). General ->. Language: English Theme: Dark.Encoder: x264 Uncheck Enforce streaming service encoder settings Uncheck Rescale Output Rate Control: CBR Bitrate: 6000 Keyframe Interval: 2 CPU Usage Preset: faster Profile: Main Tune: (None) Uncheck Variable This streaming guide is about general OBS settings.x264 is recommended to use for the best quality, but its also a most processor-intensive encoder and you need a good processor to use x264 without lags in processor-intensive games. There isnt much documentation on what x264 settings OBS is running, but you can specify things like max bitrate (vbv-maxrate), bufffer (vbv-bufsize), CBR, CFR, keyint, x264 presets, profile and specify custom x264 settings as well. Using the "Custom x264 Encoder Settings" checkbox under "Advanced" can help.Fast and straight forward guide to setting up OBS to locally record on your PC. Including recommended settings and in-depth information to tweak your setup for maximum performance. Encoding settings - OBS Classic - Help OBS supports more than just the standard CPU encoding using x264. If available on your system you can switch between the x264 encoder, the Intel Quick Sync encoder and the Nvidia encoder included in newer gen graphic cards by nvidia. OBS settings for optimal streaming performance and viewer pleasure can be difficult to balance when one is just starting out in the world of streaming.Encoder: x264 gives you the best results in terms of picture quality.

My current OBS settings are. CBR: Disabled Quality Balance: 10 Max Bitrate: 5000 Buffer Size: 0 Resolution: 1920x1080 FPS: 60 Process Priority Class: Normal x264 CPU Present: veryfast Encoding Profile: High Keyframe: 2 Use CFR: Disabled Custom x264 Encoding Settings: crf15. Если x264 тянет, то другое и не надо. А если на x264 тормозит, то уже лучше попробовать Nvidia NVENC. какие вообще лучше настройки кодирования в OBS для стрима на ютуб и твитч. We have Use CFR and Custom x264 Encoder Settings. I dont know why but my son insists its good. OBS is set to try for 50 fps recording which gives nice smooth action. Under Encoding we use the x264 Encoder in preference to Nvidia NVENC. After downloading OBS, navigate to your settings by clicking Settings > Settings or clicking Settings on the bottom right button menu.7. Custom x264 Encoder Settings: Default (blank) 8. Keyframe Interval: Set this to 2 9. Allow 61-120 FPS entry in video settings: Unchecked. Для NVENC выбирайте сами (зависит от видеокарты), для x264 для многих процессоров подойдет veryfast.

Custom Encoder Settings - вы можете ввести дополнительные настройки для кодировщика. OBS поддерживаеткодирование с помощью H264 (x264) и AACIntel Quick Sync Video (QSV) и NVENCCustom - пользовательский сервис. Although the Custom x264 Encoder Settings is the only important setting in this tab there are other settings you should experiment with. First of all x264 CPU Preset determines the CPU usage of OBS. Youd think this was a Recommended Encoding Settings from OBS to DaVinci.Under custom output (FFmpeg), H263 and DNxHD is available as a container format but it disables the audio encoder so I guess no direct encoding to those. Custom x264 Encoder Settings: For YouTube upload I use: profilebaseline presetultrafast qp16 This gives me 10-30 Mbps in low action video and up to 160 Mbps in action games at 1080p60.OBS also allows NVENC and Intel Quick Sync for encoding. I tried both. Im gonna use it for my recording settings in OBS. Advantage: Uses dedicated GPU to do h 264 encoding, drastically reducing CPU usage.Under custom output (FFmpeg), H263 and DNxHD Apr 18, 2014 Custom x264 Encoder Settings: Default (blank) Keyframe Interval: Set this to 2 Allow вернуться к списку. Use a preset to select encoding settings. Кодируем используя уже готовые пресеты.Read custom quant matrices from a JM-compatible file. Читает матрицы квантования из JM-совместимого файла (игнорируются другие заданные --cqm параметры). Стандартные настройки стрима на примере OBS Studio 18 (режим вывода "расширенный"). Для кодировщика х264 управление CBR (постоянный битрейт), предустановка veryfast (допустимый компромисс), профиль high (можно main для размытия и совместимости) x264 Presets: Your Shortcut to Optimal Settings. In Settings > Advanced > x264 CPU Preset, you can work with the settings of the x264 and optimize it for your PC. OBS standard for CPU usage is veryfast, which is how fast the encoder will run. OBS Setup Encoding. Encoder represents how the video is taken and compressed for delivery to the streaming service of your choice.Video::Custom x264 Encoder Settings: This option should be left alone unless youre very familiar with the x264 encoding options. I changed custom x264 encoder settings at the first time i started to use OBS and now i cant click to change it.Run as admin? If that still doenst work, your settings are probably corrupted. Close OBS and open "computer" then in the address bar type appdata and rename the folder called Encoding Settings (Video). Use CBR -- Enabling this setting will make OBS use "Constant bitrate".Custon x264 Encoder Settings -- Ive not tried this yet, but you can use this to further customize your encoder settings.Use custom x264 settings for QSV -- No idea what this is. If youre using the default version of OBS Studio, select Custom Streaming Server from the drop-down menu. Then, go to your DaCast channel and select Encoder Setup from the menu.DaCasts customized version best OBS Studio settings. OBS Best Livestreaming/Recording Encoder - x264 Vs NVENC (CPU vs GPU) Obviously these settings work for me, but they might not for you. So in the comments area tell me how it worked out for Awesome guide! I noticed in my video encoder settings I can change it so my GPU does the rendering.I would recommend Dxtory for recording if you use it with lagarith already because you cant record with custom codecs on OBS, maybe something theyll implement? When setting up OBS recording settings, go into Settings>Output and update Output Mode to Advanced". From there, go into the recording tab.Customize the settings to full screen capture or set a custom size later and choose a frame rate you like, for example 30 fps. More about : obs laggies x264 encoder.In the advanced output settings, you gota change the CPU usage present to superfast or ultra fast for core i5s. After downloading OBS, navigate to your settings by clicking Settings> Settings or clicking Settings on the bottom right button menu.8. Custom x264 Encoder Settings: Default (blank) 9. Keyframe Interval: Set this to 2 10. Allow 61-120 FPS entry in video settings: Unchecked. I tried changing the settings for OBS so I could record a speedpaint, but it made the drawing unrecognizable in the video :C Now it wont go back to being slightly blurry and I dont know what to doMake sure that the "Custom x264 Encoder Settings" is ticked OFF. Custom x264 encoding settings (no).

Allow 61-120 video fps in my videos (no, this creates more lag). Nothing else really matters.Member Details. I used these settings. OBS Less-Lag settings. Encoding: Encoder x264. Do not use CBR! Max Bitrate 3500. На текущий момент времени в OBS есть две возможности разгрузить ЦП от нагрузки по кодированию видео: использование QuickSync и OpenCL.Currently there only few implementations of GPU based encoders and none of them seem to have good results. For all other settings, there is an official OBS settings estimator. Video Encoding. Encoder (x264/Quick Sync/Nvidia NVENC).Recommended: Leave "custom buffer size" unchecked and use the same as bitrate. Home Forums > OBS Studio Support > Windows Support >. Question / Help Custom x264 Encoder Settings?First of all, sorry for my bad english. Im hearing alot of people talking about custom encoder settings and it should make the quality much better if you do it right? Проблемы с кодировщиком NVENC в OBS. Алексей Барышников Ученик (142), на голосовании 1 год назад. Приключилась вот такая беда, при запуске записи выдаёт ошибку инициализации NVENC, что типо драйвер слишком старый Its helpful to know how the x264 encoder works. Heres a web page I reference when tweaking my settings: httpTry capturing to disk and then posting the settings from the MediaInfo in the .mp4 files and comparing them, from using your custom setting vs. setting the preset in OBS with nothing else. Constant Bitrate was activated, no other custom settings. X264 preset veryfast. QS preset High Quality.Im back today with a comparison video between the H264 encoding standard versus the Nvidia NVENC encoder in OBS. OBS settings: Encoding: quality- 7 CBR- enabled max bitrate- 3000 buffer size- 3000.Advanced: multithreaded optimizations: on Process Priority class: High Disabled Encoding while previewing: off x264 CPU preset: superfast Use CFR: off Custom x 264 Encoder settings: off. x264 - данный кодировщик задействует процессор. Enforce streaming service encoder limitДля начала вы должны зайти в опции программы (кнопка "Settings"), настроить основные параметры OBS Studio, такие, которые указаны во вкладках "Stream", "Output", "Audio" и "Video". OBS Studio поддерживает Windows, Mac OSX и Linux. Главное окно. Рассмотрим основные области, с помощью которых мы будем настраивать трансляцию.- Custom Encoder Settings - вы можете ввести дополнительные настройки для кодировщика. x264 encoder. CPU preset veryfast. CBR on. 750 kb/s without custom buffer. default OBS audio settings. resolution downscale to 720p. bilinear filter. You can download obs here![] Run the .exe file and follow the steps.Encoding. Encoder -x264 is the basic. -QuickSync 2nd. Intel cpu or higher.-ON. Custom x264 Encoding Settings -empty. нужна помощь в настройке OBS. Тема в разделе "Общие вопросы и обсуждения", создана пользователем dangeracid, 01 Sep 2015 в 01Посоветуйте нормальные настройки для стрима, сейчас стоят настройки: Кодирование: битрейт - 3200 , буфер - 6400 , кодировщик - x264. After downloading OBS, navigate to your settings by clicking Settings > Settings or clicking Settings on the bottom right button menu.8. Custom x264 Encoder Settings: Default (blank). 9. Keyframe Interval: Set this to 2. 10. Allow 61-120 FPS entry in video settings: Unchecked. OBS-Studio Encoder: X264 Enforce streaming service encoder settingsAfter downloading OBS, navigate to your settings by clicking Settings > Settings. Custom x264 Encoder Settings: Default (blank). Buscar resultados para custom x264 encoder settings obs.22/10/2013 Yes: dont use custom x264 settings if you dont know exactly what it does and what you are doing, even if some random person on the internet says "just do it, it Thirty5Tech NYC Computer Repair Videos presents OBS x264 Encoder Preset Quality Comparison a video uploaded by Perfect Irony for the community to watch .Best OBS x264 streaming settings 2017 5 months ago. by Orochimaru Kusanagi 5 months ago. Find the Screencast Settings Sweet Spot. My experience with OBS has been that, once you get it set up, its incredible, but that it can be a littleNow switch into the Streaming tab and make three changes: change the Bitrate to 12000, the CPU usage to ultrafast, and make sure the x264 encoder Encoding: Encoder x264. Use CBR: unchecked.Use Custom x264 Settings. OBS and Twitch say that you shouldnt change these unless you know what you are doing, but while I agree it can make your stream worse, it can, when used correctly, make your stream 1000x better.

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